Saturday, 5 October 2013

Ear Tubes

Stella will need ear tubes.

I knew this was a possibility.

I was hoping she wouldn't need them, but she does.

This will probably happen in November. That, plus a second sleep study. I am hoping that her apnea has improved.  She seems to sleep better at night so perhaps this means her apnea has improved. I guess we will find out soon.

Waiting to see the ENT Dr.  The actual appointment took 10 minutes.  The drive? 3 Hours. Sigh.

Burning some energy before the long car ride back.

Here's the kicker.  The "thing" I didn't really see coming.

Olivia will probably need ear tubes also.

I noticed a few months ago that Olivia seemed to not hear me when I talked to her. I wasn't in another room yelling, or far away from her.  She was usually just sitting at the table eating.  I'd usually be behind her cooking or cleaning or something and I'd ask her a question like "Livi, are you ready to go over your spelling words?"

She'd keep eating and not say a thing.  At first I thought that she was just busy deep in her own thoughts.  But it kept happening more and she'd also keep saying a lot of "huh?" and "what?" and "pardon?".

Then just this past week she came home from school crying that her ear hurt. Now this particular day that she came home was a VERY, VERY blustery day to say the least and so I though that perhaps her ears just hurt from being outside in the wind.

Sadly this was not the case.

I was hoping I could help her ear without having to resort to antibiotics.  But as Tuesday passed and Wednesday began, she seemed to not be improving.  So I took her to the doctor.  Well, true to form, Olivia not only had two really red ears, but Strep Throat also.

Sigh, and the vicious cycle continues.


Over the past year and especially the past few months, we have been trying to help boost all of our girls' immune systems.  Multivitamins, fish oil, probiotics, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, echinacea, you name it, they are taking it.

But this battle is an uphill one and now that Olivia has to be back on antibiotics for Strep throat, I feel like we have now taken 3 steps back.

As for Olivia's hearing, ever since Monday, her hearing seems to be suffering even more.

Thankfully we have been referred to see the ENT here in Medicine Hat.  I am fairly sure that they will put ear tubes in.

In the meantime I am researching natural ways to help relieve some of the fluid.  But am I too late? Can I even help?

I just hope she doesn't struggle in school.

Come Monday, I will call her teacher and explain the situation.

But as always, a mother worries.

My big girl. 


  1. Have you tried cranio sacral therapy? There is also a method of massage that is supposed to be helpful. Are you in the Einstein syndrome listserves? If so you can search their archives as its been talked about there. If not, pm me & I'll find you some more information.

    Hope all goes well for both of your girls!

    1. I have heard of cranio sacral therapy. I very much want to try that with our girls! I have been unable to find any local practitioner, only in Calgary and that makes it tough to organize. sigh. The downside of living in a small town. I will keep looking though.

  2. Ah ear tubes...we are going on our 5th set. Sorry to hear that both Stella and Olivia need them.

  3. We drive an hour for our 10 minute ENT appointments. I remember the first time I took Russell...I was shocked our ENT looked no older than 20, and then that the appointment took less than five minutes!! Russell was suppose to get his second set put in this past spring, but the waiting list is so long that well, we're still waiting! Good luck with the ear tubes for both girls :)