Saturday, 30 November 2013

IAHP Here We Come!!

Here, I sit, at the Calgary International Airport.  Our 7am flight has been delayed by two hours. Whilst going through security, the metal detector went off, then, when I was being frisked by the "wand" that too beeped...lots. So then I got to be searched by that big huge xray machine thing....I did not pass that either.  I was then taken to a "personal examination area" where a woman officer then felt me up a little more...thankfully fully clothed.  Now I know I wasn't guilty of anything and all would be good, but yet still I felt worried. Apparently that machine doesn't like layers, v-cut sweaters and hair pins.  So all you ladies out there, mental note: If you are gonna wear a sweater, make sure it's not a V cut where you need to put another shirt under it. Oh and make sure your hair is clean so you don't have to put it up. 

Our flight has been delayed due to them getting in a new airplane.  I guess the first one was not working correctly and so they are flying in another one.  Well I don't know about you but I am all for waiting 2 hours for that reason!!

We have left our three McG girls in good hands with my in-laws and our new respite worker.

Did I mention that we struck gold with our private hire??

Soooo worth it!! She is amazing!! She loves our girls, she is amazing with them and they all love her!

Yet as I sit here waiting, I feel anxious for my girls.  Will they be ok?  I told Stella that we are going away for a few days and that Aunty and Uncle and Grandma and Teri will be taking care of her. She seemed to understand and got very excited when I mentioned her Aunty and Uncle.  But I know she will be asking for me on and off all day.  Will she be ok? Will she do her sad, silent cry at bedtime when I am not there to give her a cuddle before putting her to bed? Sigh.  I know she will be ok, but 9 days is an eternity for a little kid.

I just keep reminding myself that we are doing this for her...for all of our girls.  This is for their future. 

I have had such support from not only my family and friends but from women who I haven't even met face to face.  Those amazing women who have chosen this same path.  Those who have taken the course that Mickey and I are going to take.  

"You will come back a changed person"

I have been told this more them once.

I am feeling empowered as a person and mom.

I am filled with hope and excitement.

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