Monday, 10 September 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog

This is the question I have been asking myself for almost 2 years. But something has always held me back.........ME! I have read a few blogs by these amazing writers who can so eloquently express their feelings and thoughts of having a child who just happens to be rockin an extra chromosome. Reading these blogs has given me a good excuse NOT to blog.  "My writing is just not interesting enough. Who will really care to read about our struggles and triumps?" These are the thoughts I have said to myself many a time.  But always, always, way back in the corners of my mind, a little voice has kept whispering "Do it anyway. You know you wanna."

So I have finally decided to listen to my tiny little inner voice, who has been goading me, taunting me, attempting to inspire me.
But WHY?  Why do I want to blog?  Why should I blog?  The answer is quite simple...
All but a few hours old and rockin those 47 chromosomes already!

  I want to be one of the hundreeds of bloggers out there showing the world that having a child with Down Syndrome is NOT the end of the world.  That some information given by doctors and health professionals is outdated and incorrect. That a prenatal test CANNOT predict your child's future!

I want to be one of the hundreds of bloggers showing the world that a child with Down Syndrome is just that... a child.  So much more alike then different. But....

I also want to show people that being different is OK too.

Stella at about 5 months old.

Stella, 23months old and sooo much hair!

One more reason that I have decided to blog is because I have come to realize just how much of my feelings and emotions I hold inside.  I can sometimes be very hard to read, so perhaps this blog will be a good way for my family and friends to get somewhat of an idea of what goes through my head regarding being on this new journey also.

So there you have it folks. My journey as a blogger begins! 


  1. I'm glad you have finally decided to blog. I remember all the stories you would write on our shared shutterfly site when you first moved away to the hat. Love you lots and will continue to follow you!

  2. Thanks Ally! I am trying to post one blog a week! It seems to take me forever to write just one! Lol.