Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Stella's Birthday in Pictures

It occurred to me after I wrote that post about Stella's birth, that I failed to mention that my hubby and Stella actually share the same birthday! Sorry babe! We often joke that it's not really his birthday anymore.  It's now Stella, Stella, Stella and oh yeah, Mickey too.

But really what a wonderful gift, to be able to share a birthday with his daughter !  I for one wish she had been born on MY birthday.  You see, her due date WAS October 18th and my birthday is October 14th.  If she had stayed in a few weeks longer, I very well may have been the one sharing a birthday.

Ah, but I digress.  Here are a few pictures of Stella (and Mickey's) birthday party. There was no partaking in cake for our Sweet Stella this year.  She was having nothing to do with it.  A combination of too short a nap, being tired and more then likely overstimulated, contributed to the lack of cooperation on her part.

Even crying and sad I still think she looked oh so adorable.

Stella's view of her decorations

Martha Stuart I am not.  This is the best that it gets.

Present Time!! The big sisters must help, of course.

The biggest hit so far? The wrapping paper!

Oh, wait this gift interests me.

Such a grown up picture of  her! 2! 2....say whaaattt?

No smiles with her cake this year.  In fact, quite the opposite.

2nd attempt at a picture, with Daddy (it's his birthday too!).

3rd attempt. No smiles, but the crying has stopped.
A lovely party with family and friends!

Perhaps next year Stella will eat her cake.

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