Friday, 26 October 2012

The future

The future is bright!  There is so much to look forward to with all my girls.  But since this is Down Syndrome Awareness month I will focus on Stella, and what I look forward to with her.

Of course thinking of the future gets me scared some moments and some moments excited.  

I am excited to see Stella walk.  Yes!!  She has taken a few steps here and there and these few steps will become more and more with each passing day.  So on that note I am scared to think of her figuring out how to run and then run away from me.  

I am looking forward to the time when Stella is willing to try a few more types of food.  I mean
at some point bread, peaches, cheese, has to get a bit old. I suppose I am exaggerating a bit as there are other foods she will eat, but not on a consistent basis. So I look forward to when she starts eating a larger variety of food on a more consistent basis.

Stella knows about 30+ signs.  She says "Ha", for "Hi" and "Ya" for Yes.  She is a fabulous communicator for a child who is not using many words.  She is very good at letting us know what she wants, needs or doesn't want or need.  I am looking forward to hearing her say Mamma.  Sometimes I am scared about how she will communicate when she starts preschool next year if she is not speaking verbally.  But I then remind myself that one year can make a huge difference.  Plus her body language and sign language will help her to get her needs long as her aides are watching and listening to her.

Friends.  Will Stella have friends?  When she's a teenager, will she be included in things like, going to the movies, sleep overs, parties.  My hope is that there will be some really awesome people in her life who will see her for who she is and not just see her "disabilities".  My brother in law is friends with a guy who has Down Syndrome. He is friends with him, not because he feels sorry for him, but because he truly likes him and enjoys his company.  I want that for Stella.

Stella's personality is starting to really develop.  At the moment she loves music.  If we are out in public and a stranger says "Hi" to her, she will look at them smile and then sign "spider".  This means that she wants this said person to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider."  If she is sad, a simple song will make her feel better.  As she gets older, I often wonder what genre of music will be her favourite.  Top 40,  a lil gangsta rap?  Or will she like a little bit of everything?

I love clothes.  I don't own a lot of clothes (my husband actually has more clothes than me.  True story), but I love them and I love to look good.  Will Stella follow in her momma's footsteps and enjoy a little retail therapy? Will she enjoy looking good and wearing fashionable clothes?  Or will she be like her big sister Olivia and despise any type of shopping expedition and prefer comfy clothes?

So many things to look forward to.  But at this exact moment, I am going stop thinking too much about the future and enjoy my lil bundle of energy right as she is right now.

Or perhaps she will be a technology wiz.


  1. Excellent post! I wonder about those same things too. btw, Ellie started preschool and she is nonverbal and her signs are very gross approximations. She is doing well and she really enjoys school. Her teacher and the classroom aide are added new signs to their vocabulary. I am chuckling a bit about Stella signing "spider" to everyone!

    1. Thanks Anna! Great name btw, lol!! Glad to hear about Ellie and how well she is doing in preschool even though she is nonverbal. Yes, Stella is very funny when she does the "spider"sign. I notice she only does it to certain people. A sixth sense perhaps??