Monday, 1 October 2012

Sisterhood of the McG Girls.


Sisterhood of the McG girls. Not always a happy time.

What is a sister?  As far as my oldest is concerned, sisters are annoying creatures who grab, hit, scratch and cry.

"I wish I didn't have any sisters!" She says this mostly after confrontations with her "old little sister" Sophie.
She will sometimes say it regarding her "new little sister" Stella.  Mostly after Stella has scratched her numerous times on numerous parts of her body.

Poor kid.

Being the oldest can be tough.

But then 5 minutes later she is running around laughing and giggling with Sophie or singing and cuddling with Stella.  So, as annoying as they are and as much as she wishes that she was an only child, I can see she loves her sister's very much and would do pretty much anything for them. 

What is a sister? To Sophie, I think that a sister is someone to play with, grab things from, hit (or throw plastic tea pots at) when frustrated, kiss and hug, and just plain ol annoy sometimes.  For Sophie, being the middle child can be tough for her.  Olivia is getting to the age where she is just not as interested in playing with her.  At least not the way Sophie would like her to play.  So she happily will play with Stella.  My favorite thing that she does with Stella is that every morning, as soon as she hears that Stella is awake, she climbs into her crib and will giggle and laugh and jump and cuddle with Stella.  It is so cute to hear (usually I am half awake in bed trying to will my tired body to move and get up).  But it always ends with Sophie getting some sort of scratch or even some skin removed due to her over zealous, very excited, baby sister.  Then the fun comes to an end. 

Poor kid.

But she's an independent tough little cookie and she always, in the end has lots of hugs and kisses and silly jokes for both her sisters.


What is a sister?  For Stella sisters are just the best thing to have EVER been invented!  She is always welcomed every morning with hugs and kisses and singing from BOTH her sisters.  There is always a sister around to play with.  There is always a sister beside her (well almost always) when driving in the car to make her giggle and distract her when she is crying and feeling sad.  There is always a sister to give her her blankie and suckie when she so desperatley needs it.  And there is always a sister just so happy to show her off to their friends. 

Olivia is honest and innocent and loves to inform strangers that Stella has Down Syndrome.

"This is my sister Stella.  She's not walking yet cause she has Down Syndrome".

Usually this is met with an awkward smile and I usually don't hear what is said next. I think I tune it out.  But I do look at the person she is talking to and smile.  You see, I LOVE when Olivia informs the world of Stella's extra chromosome!  I love the honesty, the innocence and the matter of fact way she says it.  Makes me feel good knowing that she is so proud of her sister.  I hope she always feels that way.

Sophie is still very young and really just sees Stella as she truly is...a cute baby.

"Hi, baby!, How are you today baby?"   She says this to Stella every morning.  Just melts my heart.

I was talking to her preschool teacher the other day asking her how Sophie was doing in school and she mentioned that she talks a lot about Stella.  Awwww! They are little buddies and I just love it!  I hope she always feel that way.

As for Stella, well she won't realise that she is any different from anyone else until she is much older.  When that time comes I hope that her sisters and her daddy and I have shown her enough love.  I hope we have shown her that we love the differences in ALL of us.  I hope that when she discovers that she has Down Syndrome, that she'll love herself even more.

I hope as my three girls grow that they will remain close and be there for one another.  I hope Olivia and Sohpie look at Stella and think she is the best thing to happen to THEM and that they are the best thing to happen to her.

My McG girls rock!!