Saturday, 13 April 2013

Is It Just Me....

Or do people really suck sometimes?

Today, was not one of my better days as a mother.  

Today is Sophie's birthday so I wanted to do something a little special with the girls to celebrate Sophie turning 4.  I took them to the library.  No, that was not the "special" part as we go there lots and well, we never stay long as Stella gets into everything and I can't really pay much attention to the other two McG girls so we usually just quickly go in look for a few books/dvds, clean up the monster mess Stella created in the kids area (ok, really only I do the cleaning, the girls usually just watch...) and then high tail it out of there.

I did not bring the stroller this time so check out was extra busy as I attempted to keep Stella from running out the door all while checking out the girl's books/dvds.  Stella was seriously pissed that I kept picking her up and not letting her walk so she was yelling pretty loudly as we were leaving the library.  I was sweating and walking fast while yelling at the older McG girls "KEEP UP, KEEP UP!"

Did I mention I was sweating?

The "special" event I had planned in my head for Sophie's birthday was to take the girls to Edo Japan for lunch.  Olivia loves the sushi and Sophie loves the shrimp.  Olivia was all keen to go.  Sophie...not so much.  "I don't want shrimp, I just want veggies and dip for lunch".  

Despite Sophie's objection for shrimp I did convince her to at least let me get the food "to go" so that  Olivia could have her sushi and then I would make her her veggies and dip when we got home. She agreed after I bribed her with an orange that she could eat while we waited for our food.

So in I go....three little girls in tow.

We go in the restaurant and I order our lunch.  The big McG girls sit on the bench to wait for the food and I put lil miss Stella beside them.  She sits and waits,  she climbs all over the bench while I pay and then I sit beside her to make sure she does not fall.  Then things go a tad crazy from there. Sophie is asking for help with opening her water bottle, Olivia is showing me what a big girls she is by getting our chopstick and forks, and Stella is moving everywhere on the bench as I try and give her bits and pieces of cheese for her to eat to keep her still.  

And then the big oopsie.

Stella kept trying to get into my purse, so I move her over to the other side of the bench and the other side of me where she can't get in my purse.

Yeah, that was the END of the bench.

I didn't clue in until it was too late.

I look over and there she is falling in what looks like slow motion, on to the floor.  She falls on her head.

I scream or yell or something and quickly pick her up.  She is screaming her head off which is a good thing, I think.  I hold her and comfort her, while poor Livi and Sophie are asking "Is she ok, is Stella ok?"

I don't answer them. I can't. I am trying to hold it together so I don't loose it in the restaurant and further upset them.

A few minutes go by. Stella calms down.  I check her pupils, they dilate evenly.  I stand her up, she sees a little boy and immediately walks over to him saying "Huuuhhh" and trying to caress his face.  She is still sad and fussy but seems to be ok.

I gather up our food, gather up Stella, and once again talk curtly to my kids "let's go, let's go!".  I practically run out of there.

I was upset.

I was mad at myself for not thinking and putting Stella on the END of the bench.

I was embarrassed and perplexed.

The restaurant was busy, and yet nobody came over to see if Stella was ok, or to ask if I needed help.

Oh, they all stared, but not one single person bothered to come over and make sure a stranger who clearly was distressed and worried and overwhelmed, was ok.

Not one person seemed concerned that a child fell on her head.

Sure Stella was ok, she wasn't unconscious, she didn't have any blood oozing from any part of her body, but a kind gesture, a "Is she ok? Can I help?" would have gone a long way.

I don't know, am I asking too much of complete strangers?

I know that if I had seen a child fall, I would have at least gone over to make sure the child was ok.

Maybe nobody saw, maybe they were all too busy and didn't see.

Or maybe sometimes people just suck.


  1. I'm a people hater so I'm going with the People just Suck, thing!!! If it makes you feel any better you described exactly what I feel like every time I try to take Russell any where these days. It's just the pits. Period.
    Glad Stella was ok. And Happy Birthday to Sophie :)

    1. Yeah, people really do suck! I am sorry you are experiencing that so much right now when you take Russell out. Lack of empathy is what it is. Too damn selfish is what it is. Thanks for the support!

  2. I am going with some people just suck. I am glad Stella is okay and happy belated birthday to Sophie. Anna, these things happen--I have carried Ellie and bonked her head into a door jam too many times to count--sort of like you putting Stella on the end of the bench. True adventures in Mama Land. Good to know that if a child falls, no one will help, but they will be certain to gawk and stare. Sheesh!

    1. Yeah, I know we all do it. It sure sucks when nobody seems to give a rats ass though.

  3. Ohhh, that's a good question. Trying to think what I'd do as an observer in that situation. I think, in playing devil's advocate here, that *maybe* (??) they didn't actually *see* what happened, and just heard the commotion and looked up as you were cuddling her? So maybe they didn't really *know* what happened, but saw that everything seemed okay and you weren't calling for help? I don't know. I also agree that a lot of people *do* suck, but maybe...? LOL I'm sooooo sorry about what happened. Glad Stella's okay! We've all been there and done similar things. Ugh. Btw, thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm flattered that you want to use my post - I'd be honored. :-) Thanks!

    1. Good devil's advocate! Lol, Yes, I can agree that perhaps some of the customers there did not see what happened. However, sitting right exactly across from us on the other bench was a dad, mom and little boy, a bit younger then Stella. They saw the whole thing....and just stared....sure after Stella had calmed down the dad did say something to me like "our little boy falls all the time....", but nothing along the lines of concern. So they, in my mind, SUCK!! Lol.

      I am glad I can use your post! Shall I just link to your blog then? I'll perhaps copy a bit of your post and then add the link? perhaps I will email you to confirm.

    2. Copy/link away! Whatever you like. :-) And yes, it does certainly sound like that family SUCKED! LOL