Saturday, 27 April 2013

A lil' Q & A with Treyton's Posse

As some of you may know Rockin An Extra Chromosome has been nominated for a Liebster Award. Check out my excitement about my nomination Here.

With this nomination comes the requirement for me to answer 11 questions asked by Treyton's Posse.

Some of these answers are gonna be looooonnng! I tend to expand on my answers soooooo with that being said here are a few questions and a few answers.

Q:   Why did you start to blog? 

A:    To Blog or Not To Blog.  This was my first blog post that I wrote.  I had been on the fence for a long time on whether or not I should blog.  If I started blogging I wanted to make sure I would and could commit the time into it.  I didn't want to start and then get busy and then slowly just stop.

One day I just decided to stop making excuses and just "do it".  My initial reason for starting a blog was to show those who chose to follow my blog, or those who just happened to stumble upon my blog, that having a child with T21 is, for the most part, so very ordinary.

I wanted those who were desperately seeking comfort or support after receiving a prenatal diagnosis, to find my blog and see how awesome Stella is, how fabulous her life is and also how perfectly boring and ordinary it is.

My initial vision was to show someone considering termination that, that wasn't the answer.  That their baby would change their lives for the better.  That having a child with T21 is NOT the end of the world, but the beginning of a whole new one!

Then I started blogging and something awesome happened. Something I didn't really except.  I started "meeting" other parents who share my passion for their family, who share my love of writing and who also share a similar journey to mine.

I am a very relationship oriented type of person.  I thrive on feeling connected to others.  Having found this online community of parents/families who have a child with T21, who go through similar struggles, has been wonderful.  To feel connected even though most of us live in different provinces and even different countries......monumental, at least to me!!!

Q:   When you were a child what did you dream about being when you grew up.
A:    I remember being about 7 and thinking that I would love to be a nurse.  Then when I was a little older I thought I'd like to be a teacher.  Then when I was in my late teens I thought about working with children with special needs, which I find VERY ironic.

However,  I never actually ended up following any of those dreams as by the time I grew up, I didn't want to be any of those things. At the ripe ol' age of 19, I decided to get my office administration diploma.  My sis and I actually took the course together.  What fun we had!  But we studied too, and worked hard and at the end of the course I got a really good job.  I was a customer service-import/export administrator at a chemical plant.

I sold acid.

Seriously I imported and exported chemicals. Acid....all different kinds, Nitric, Sulphuric....

I can honestly say that I LOVED my job.  I had great co-workers and a pretty nice guy for a boss.

But then in 2005 I decided to leave my nice paying job to become CEO of McGarvie of my toughest jobs to date.

Q:   What are better cats or dogs?

A:    Cats.  Here are a few REALLY compelling reasons as to why cats are better.

  • I grew up having a cat as a pet so I am already biased towards them
  • Cats are wayyyyyyy less work.  I have three young children, the thought of picking up more poop (I already wipe a lot of butts, thank you very much) does NOT appeal to me.
  • My children love to challenge my parenting skills, I am not interested in making sure I am being the 'pack leader' as well.  
  • I love to go for walks, but I don't have the time to take a dog for walk EVERY day.  
  • If we want to go on vacation it's way easier to find someone to come and feed a cat every other day then it is to find someone to watch a dog.  It's true.

Q:    Assuming money was not an issue, where would you travel to and what would you do once you got there?
A:    If money was not an issue, I would go with my hubby and my McG girls and take them to visit where I was born and spent 17 years of my life....


Bermuda is a very small island, but it is NOT cheap to travel to let me tell you!

Once there I would show my family my old neighbourhood and the grade school and high school I went to.  I would take them to all the beaches that I used to go to.  I'd take them to the aquarium that their Aunt Wendy used to work at and I'd take them to the restaurants that I used to go to with my family when I was little.

Q:   What do you prefer and why: Apple IOS or Android.

A:  Well,  between the two of us (meaning Mickey and I), we have 2 iPhones, 2 iPads, 1 MacBook Air and 1 MacBook I'm gonna go with Apple.  Honestly I have never tried out the Android operating system.  I am not really a techie so I have no reasoning as to why Apple iOS other then, I really like how easy it is to use.

Q:   Baseball is widely know as "America's Pastime". Do you agree?  If not, what do you think should be considered America's Pastime?
A:    I'm gonna be honest. I don't watch sports....ever, unless Mickey is watching some sort of game on the TV.  Also, I live up North in good Ol Canada and I'm 100% certain that Canada's pastime HOCKEY!!  Maybe I should get the hubby's opinion on your question.........

And that is 6 out of the 11 questions......STAY TUNED for the final 5 questions!!


  1. I despise cats. lol...Although they are the superior creatures when compared to dogs. Maybe that's why I hate cats...They are so smug and arrogant. I have yet to meet a cat without an attitude! haha

    Also, I love to blog for the very same reasons. I love the friends I have made on here. And being able to read about other peoples experiences raising a child with Ds is so helpful and just pretty damn awesome.

  2. Love learning more about you:)
    Also, I didn't know that you just started blogging a few months ago...but I am super glad you did:)