Wednesday, 23 September 2015

To My Daughter

Hi Stella,

It's mom. Today is your birthday. You are five years old. I am beyond delighted at the fabulous little girl you have become!

You have a zest for life that is contagious. Those around you can't help but smile and feel your positive energy when you enter a room.

You have mastered listening to your body. Diapers are a thing of the past and accidents are few and far between.

Your physical skills impress me every day.  Hanging and swinging across the monkey bars like a boss!!  Those two skills are helping your fine motor skills and the fact that you can now use scissors efficiently makes my heart smile.

Your voice, your words, your sentences. What a long way you have come in one year.  When you tell me "no, stop please" or "no, go away please", it makes me happy that you are able to express yourself, plus your manners are impeccable! You are working so hard to learn to talk clearly and I can't wait to hear more of your thoughts over the next year.

I will always remember the day you were born like it was mere moments ago.  Your birth, Sophie's birth and Olivia's birth were each so unique and life altering.

Olivia was our first. She made us parents.

Sophie was our rainbow baby. She was the ray of light after the storm.

Stella, you completed our family.

You are our little warrior.

Happy Birthday my fair skinned, blue eyed little girl.


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