Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Picture Perfect Day.

The post below was written exactly one week ago today and I am only now just getting around to publishing it.  I have been trying all week to download a really cute video that I have of Stella dancing, but I have had no luck in doing so. 

I have given up.

Enjoy the pics!

So I was planning on making Wednesdays a day for just posting photos of all or some of my McG girls.  However, I did not make my deadline and I am fearing that I will not make this deadline often, so I have decided to post just a picture blog one day during the week.  It will be any day I find time to do this.  So this week, Picture Perfect Day is Friday.  Here are some pictures from this week so far.  Ok, really most are just from yesterday.  But you get the idea.

Cuddles after a nap.

Such a busy bee, my Stella Bella is.


Using her fine motor skills to open up a package of goldfish crackers....

and to put on her sister's sock!
Yeah, I don't have many.  Next week I will make sure to have more! 

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