Monday, 25 February 2013

Dentist Appointments and Making New Friends

Today we travelled to Calgary. A wonderful 3 hour jaunt.  We went to the Children's Hospital as they have a dental clinic there.  Why, oh why would we travel so far to have Stella's teeth checked? Are there not dental clinics here?

Yes, there are dental clinics here, but we wanted to go somewhere were the Dr. who sees Stella is familiar with possible differences that there might be when it comes to a child rockin extra genetic material.

Twas a VERY long trip for a 15 minute check up.....but to me it is always worth it.

Her teeth are good. No cavities, Yay!  She has gotten all but one of her teeth and the dentist seems to think she may or may not get it.  Seems that kids with DS sometimes don't get all of their teeth. No biggie though.  Her teeth are VERY crowded so there is a concern for her getting cavities between them so we are going to attempt to try and......FLOSS HER TEETH.  Now, I am really not holding my breath on this going all that well as sometimes just brushing her teeth can be a bit of a chore.  Olivia and Sophie are JUST as challenging to get to floss!  But we shall give it a go.

She has an occlusion (which means that her top and bottom front teeth don't touch), which again is common in kids with DS.  That and the fact she sucks on a pacifier still.  Soooooooo I guess at some point we will have to take away the suckie.  So for anyone who thought that a pacifier is better then a thumb (like I did), you are in fact WRONG.  Apparently sucking on a pacifier for the first year of life is ok (and it cuts down on the risk of SIDS too), but after the first year, well, then it is best that a child stop using a pacifier.

Yeah, I REALLY wish I knew that.  Stella is very much addicted to her pacifier. Sigh.  Well tonight and probably tomorrow I will not be worrying about that. Flossing, yes, flossing I will focus on first.

Now on to the highlight of MY day today.

Mickey, Stella and I had the privilege of meeting a fellow mom who is in the T21 club.  Not only that, she is a fellow blogger.

Her name is Karyn and her blog is Our Epic Story .  We met through blogging (we read each other's blogs).  I emailed her letting her know that I'd love to meet her and she agreed to meet up with us after Stella's dentist appointment.

Her oldest little boy, Jake, is rockin 47 chromosomes and let me tell you, he is just a cutie.  Jake has a younger brother. His name is Cole and he is a lil fire cracker!

It was so nice to sit and chat with another mom travelling along a similar road as me.  Plus it was so cute to see Jake and Stella toddling around.  They were doing your typical toddler stuff.  Toddling.. observing one another, sort of interacting, and then just plain ol ignoring one another.

Here are a few pics...

Jake was just so cute! He was so observant and would just stare at Stella while she did her crazy head shaking dance. Lol

In order for us to get a picture of them together, Mickey had to step in and hold them.

Jake's lil bro Cole. Another blue eyed cutie pie!
What a great day! I am so glad to have made a new friend and I can't wait to see Karyn and her kids again.  And maybe, just maybe she'll agree to doing a guest post on my blog!!

All that walking around, licking things, and playing tuckered this lil girl out!


  1. Thanks for sharing Anna! Looks like the kids had a blast. I'll check out Karyn's blog too.

  2. Good luck with the flossing! I have to pin Russell down just to brush his damn teeth, have not even attempted to floss yet! Ha!

    I'm always jealous when other bloggers get to meet. That's awesome you got to meet Karyn and her boys, I have followed her blog for a long time. Loved the picture of Jake and Stella they make a cute couple :)

    1. Jenny, I have yet to even attempt a floss.....I keep procrastinating as I know how it will go! Yes, it was nice to connect with another mom who blogs and who is on a similar path as us!! and hey, you never know, maybe one day we can meet as I'd LOVE to meet you and your brood! I enjoy your blog so much!

  3. Grrr...I posted a comment a couple of days ago, and just realized that it never published for some reason...

    What I wanted to say is that it was SO GOOD to meet you guys:) Stella is a little doll, and I am super excited for you guys to come back to Calgary soon...and to meet your other sweet girls!

    Also, I am with Jenny...they do make a cute couple:)

    1. That's it! It's arranged! They are to be married!! LOL! Jake and Cole are beautiful little boys. I loved watching Jake! He was soooo observant! I swear one day he is just doing to say EXACTLY what's on his mind! I can't wait to see you guys again too! Maybe in the summer we can come up for a weekend and go to the zoo! Oh and I'd love for you to do a guest post on my blog one of these days! Maybe for WDSD??

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  5. Why don't you try using flavored toothpaste? I bought my son a cookies and cream flavored toothpaste and he absolutely loved it! I got curious and tasted it myself, it really does taste like cookies and cream! I think, it made our brush time a bit easier 'cause he tends to be more excited about it. Jake, Cole, and Stella are all beautiful kids and they are a beautiful bundles of joy! :)

    1. Thank you Jerri! Cookies and Cream flavored toothpaste! Sounds yummy! I have not seen any toothpaste like that here in Medicine Hat, Alberta (Canada). But if I ever see it I will definitely be buying it!