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Stella & Dot + World Down Syndrome Day = AWESOME

World Down Syndrome Day is a UN recognised day.  It is a day to spread awareness and acceptance for those rockin an extra chromosome.  I love this day as it gives me even more of an excuse to talk about DS and Stella and plaster even MORE information and pictures on my facebook page.

Last year I ordered about 300 bracelets and sent them out to family and friends and also those that I knew on Facebook.  I didn't charge anyone, I just wanted to know that people were wearing the bracelet proudly to help show their support for Stella and everyone else who has designer genes.  Some people sent me money (which was awesome) and so I donated that money to the Canadian Down Syndrome Society.

This year, I decided that I wasn't going to do that again because, well, I waited for too long.  So all I was going to do was post a video that I made of Stella. Well I made two so I was going to post the second video of Stella on WDSD.  I was also going to go to Livi's class and talk about Down Syndrome to her class.

Well a few days ago I received a Facebook message from a friend of a friend.  She saw the video of Stella that I posted here on my blog,  My mother in law always shares my blog (thanks Kathy!!). Well this friend, her name is Melisia, loved the video and felt like she wanted to show her support.  Here is what she wrote to me:

When I was watching your most recent video blog at the end of the video you said, “learn one fact about Down Syndrome”. I thought to myself, well I can learn one fact but what else can I do?
Then I got to thinking and I came up with a small idea. If you are interested, I can set up a Facebook Trunk Show from March 17-23. You can invite all of your friends and family, and they can invite all of their friends and family etc. I will showcase deals, jewelry, and styles. I will provide the link on Facebook to the Stella & Dot Trunk Show. I will also email, to you, a link to pass along to those who don’t use FB but want to shop..

I will donate ALL of my commission from that show to the Canadian Down Syndrome Society, or any other organization that you would like to choose, on behalf of your little Stella! 

Wow! I was blown away! Someone was reading my blog!!

But seriously, I was so very happy to hear that someone wanted to help to spread awareness and acceptance of those with Down Syndrome.

So Melisia has set up an Event on Facebook.

Be on the look out for an invite as I will be inviting EVERYONE who is my friend on Facebook.

Last year I donated any money given to me for the WDSD bracelets, to the Canadian Down Syndrome Society.

I fully support this society and think that they do a lot for those living with Down Syndrome.  I love their slogan "See The Ability" and love seeing their billboards up.  There is billboard on the #3 Highway here in Medicine Hat.

However, there is another non-profit organisation that I wanted to donate to this year.  The Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation has a campaign called Plus15.

Plus15's mission is to improve the learning, memory and speech of people with Down syndrome by 15 percent. We are a campaign of the Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation (
Company Overview
plus15 is a campaign of the Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation (DSRTF). DSRTF is the largest private source of funding for Down syndrome cognition research.
You are a mom. A dad. A brother. A sister. An aunt. An uncle. A cousin. A grandparent. A teacher. A coworker. A friend. A neighbor. A classmate. A caregiver. If you know or love someone with Down syndrome, you know that they are already capable of doing a lot on their own. plus15 is about increasing those abilities and opening doors for more people living with Down syndrome.

The life expectancy of an individual who has Down syndrome has more than doubled over the past two decades. Unfortunately, their cognitive abilities haven’t improved at a similar pace.

plus15 is a campaign to improve the memory and learning ability of individuals with Down syndrome by 15 percent. plus15 could make a big difference in allowing people with Down syndrome to live their longer lives more independently, and with more opportunities than we ever imagined possible.

Research scientists who have been working on this tell us this is within reach. But to make plus15 a reality, we need your help.

At plus15 we believe that individuals with Down syndrome deserve to have advances in their cognitive abilities to keep pace with the medical heath improvements that have lengthened their lives.
General Information
plus15 is a campaign of the Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation (, which is dedicated to finding a treatment to improve cognition including learning, memory and speech for individuals with Down syndrome.

This is where all the money made from Stella and Dot orders will go.  I believe in this foundation and feel that money needs to continue to be put towards ongoing research to help those with Down Syndrome lead more independent lives.

So there you have it!  If you want some beautiful jewellery AND want to donate then go to your events page and take a look at all the awesome jewellery that Melisia will be posting on there!

I'll be posting facts about Down Syndrome and there will be some beautiful jewelry posted for you to look at and purchase.

Here is the website link also:

And here is the Stella&Dot Spring Look book.

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