Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Feeding My Child

I am getting very tired of feeding Stella the same ol shit every day.

Her favourite food colour seems to be yellow, or white.  You know, popcorn, cheese, yogurt, bread. frozen corn, frozen peas (oh wait, ONE green item), crackers, granola bars...

Notice what is not on there?

Fruit, veggies.

The only way I can get fruit and veggies into her is to give her baby food!  I try, Oh I try!

Steamed carrots?
Those end up thrown on the floor (immediately).

Steamed broccoli?
She ate that once. I was sooo excited!  The next night I gave them to her.... and they ended up on the floor.

Steamed potatoes, sweet potato.
Yup, all on the floor.

 She is a very choosy eater, and I am getting very frustrated and worried that she is not getting enough of the healthy, good nutrients that her body needs.  I know that kids with Down Syndrome have low tone..... everywhere, which means that eating can be affected also.  But at what point does this change?

I know that eating, and talking require fine motor skills.  So I contacted CHADS (Children's Health and Development) to ask about getting in a speech pathologist.  I was told someone would call and make an appointment to come over and assess her. I have yet to hear from anyone.  So I am going private.

Why did I wait so long to start her on speech therapy? Good question.

Here in Alberta, Canada, a lot of  services for children with special needs is provided through the government.  It is nice to have this option and to not have to worry about having the money to pay for such services. I mean, we DO pay, via paying taxes, but we don't have to pay UP FRONT to get the extra services that we need.  That being said, I feel these extra services are very basic and sometimes NOT helpful at all.  But perhaps I will save that rant for another post.

So speech isn't really offered until preschool.  I feel that I should have been on this sooner and pushed for speech therapy at 1 years old or something!  I mean there are babies with DS out there getting speech therapy!!

Which is why we are deciding to go private with speech therapy. I want to give Stella a little bit of a head start before she starts preschool in September.  Plus speech therapy will help her with her eating skills as well.  It's all connected.

On the positive side, Stella will now eat a grilled cheese sandwich when it is cut in strips!! You see, before it had to be cut in pieces or else she would throw it on the floor.  But now, now she'll eat it in strips! Oh and snow peas (another green veggie), she'll take a few bites!!  We are making progress!


  1. Kids are funny, aren't they? Ellie will only eat the baby food veggies. For fruit--sometimes it must be peeled and diced, or cut into slices, or given to her whole. The thing is, I have to read her mind--"oh you wanted them diced and not peeled today?" Ellie thinks a sandwich is pita bread. . . with nothing on it and it cannot be cut or broken into pieces. Anyway, I sort of felt like I was reading about Ellie there for minute!

    Let me know how Stella does in speech! We pay private too.

    1. Lol! Yes, Ellie and Stella.... Love that Ellie thinks a sandwhich is pita bread with nothing on it. Hmmmmmm, I haven't tried Pita bread with Stella yet... I think I'm gonna. Yes, I will let you know how the speech assessment and speech therapy goes.

  2. Ah yes...So nice to read a blog by a fellow Canadian! You said it best, we do have all our services set up and available to us, and they are "free"...BUT...They are very basic and I found them extremely unhelpful also, that's why I quit for a while.

    We have the same issues with eating here. Russell has about six different foods he will eat, and that's it. And they HAVE to be cut up into pieces or he will not touch it. He is afraid to take bites, he won't even try. He does not chew...Not very well anyway. From what I can tell he smushes the food at the top of his mouth and basically sucks it until he can swallow. *sigh*...Very frustrating!

    Anyway, good luck with the new ST when you get one, and keep us posted on the feeding issues, you might have some good tips for me!

    1. It must be the tounge and chewing coordination thing. It must be so frustrating for our kid lets also! As for services...when Stella was a baby, she would have OT and PT once a week, or once every two weeks. I would go into their office. What a waste of time. All they did was "observe" her and say, she is doing good. No tips, no sheets of paper with info and tips on how to help her...nothin. Waste of time.