Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Outside, Outside, The Sun Is Shining Outside

I am still attempting to finish up my list of bloggers who I want to nominate for a Liebster.  For some reason this is hard for me...perhaps I need to follow more blogs?

Anywho, in the meantime, here is what me and my two younger McG Girls did today.  We spent the morning at grandma's house helping her plant flowers.

Sophie SHOULD have been in school, but she has pink eye....seems Olivia graciously shared her pink eye.

Thanks Olivia.

Seems Sophie is also sharing her pink eye as Stella's eye was looking a little red when I put her to bed.....

But this post is really about the morning at grandmas.

So here you go:

Freaking out as I take the picture, crossing my fingers that Stella doesn't bash her face into the concrete too badly..
And YES!! She nailes it and continues to make her way down the stairs!
Here kitty, kitty, have some mushed up fruit!
Sophie found an earth worm...and loved it to death...literally.
I love days like this one!  Makes up for the crappy days!

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  1. "Loved it to death, literally!" lol, love it! Boo for pink eye, I hate it when my kids get it!