Monday, 28 January 2013

Weekend Pictures

Well this weekend was a mixed bag of absolute "hell on earth" and absolute "joy and happiness" for this here momma.

Saturday was horrendous. I have no pictures to show for it as I spent my whole day dealing with little girls who just refused to get along and who refused to cooperate with me.  Even lil Miss Stella was NOT being very nice. How dare she!

Phew! Boy was I glad when THAT day was over!

Sunday arrived and it was threatening to be a repeat of Saturday.... But then, thankfully Olivia went to a friends house for a playdate! Yay!!  Plus, the weather was actually warm.....ish for this time of year in this province.

A balmy 0!

And you know what that means!! No?

OUTSIDE! We can go outside without freezing our asses of in 10 minutes.

So I took Sophie (then Mickey and Stella joined us after her nap) to the park!!

My cute Sophie Bear

Weeeeeee, k, not really. The slide was really cold and Sophie had to literally push herself down it.
See this face? This is a "I am soooo happy I was able to leave the house!!" face.
Stella hasn't been on a swing since September.  Can you tell?
Ahhhh, yes, she likes it!
Or not??
Sophie climbing.

Stella was lovin the playground.
She refused to hold my hand, and she walked over the whole play area. Sooooo fricken cute!
Snot is running down her nose. She doesn't look too happy. Yup, time is up.
Even though our time at the park was short, it was so refreshing on my mind and body, to be out of the house and in the sun!!


  1. LOVE the new look on the blog! The header picture is so adorable! Also love hearing about your little family! We are in Calgary...if you are ever around, would love to be able to connect!

    1. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to connect with you!! We are going to be in Calgary for the day at the end of February as we are taking Stella to the Children's Hospital for a dental appointment! We should try and hook up if you are able!

  2. Ah yes, 0 is perfect outside weather around here too! Although you guys seem to get the most wretched weather out your way in Alberta! You must miss the Island during the winters!

    1. Jenny, today it is -26!!! WFT??? I don't mind the snow, it's temperatures like that that I HATE! I mean, seriously, I went to Walmart today with Sophie while Stella had her aide over and as we were walking into Walmart, it was so cold my TEETH hurt!! waaaaaaa! Yes, I definitely miss Victoria during the winter!