Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sleep....or lack thereof

I wish that I could just sleep "in" one day.

Screw that, I don't need to sleep "in", I need a full 6 hours of undisturbed sleep!

Did anyone warn me of this before Mickey and I decided to procreate?  Did anyone say "hey, be prepared to NEVER SLEEP AGAIN!"  I am pretty sure my mom did, but because it was coming from my mom I probably didn't heed the warning.  Because when you are young you think you know so much more then your own parents. Right?


The only child of mine that sleeps all night long, without waking me up to a) pee, b) ask for water, c) scream due to a bad dream, d) move around and fuss restlessly due to sleep apnea, d) wake me up to climb into bed with me because of a bad dream e) cry every hour or two because of a bad cold/chest infection is......0..Zilch...Nada.  Not one child.

Ok, so for the majority of the time Olivia,  does sleep all night, but when she does have a bad dream, it ALWAYS seem to coencide with the other two McG girls.

And this leaves good ol momma with little to no sleep.

So where is Daddy in all of this?


Ok, wait. Let me be fair to my hubby.

I have "mommy radar" so as soon a slight peep comes out of my child's mouth, I go from fast asleep to wide awake, out of bed and on my feet.  By the time I am walking down the hallway Mickey is just about stirring muttering something along the lines of "mmmmm, huuuhhh?"

 Plus if one of our girls does happen to come up to our room, they always, always walk all the way around to my side of the bed and wake me up.  Dear daddy is never disturbed. Lucky bastard.

Of course, with all the complaining that I am doing about not getting enough sleep, you would think that I would go to bed early.....


I keep going to bed at my usual time and every night I just hope and pray that my darling McG girls will not disturb me.

Clearly I should start rethinking my strategy...


  1. Sleep? What is this sleep you talk about? Yeah that mommy radar. Bear can be screaming like a banshee and Andrew is snoring away!

    I wrote you a novel on my blog in response to the PECs. . . will brb as I will copy and paste it here in your comments :-)

  2. Response to my post on PECs and communication: Ooh I hear ya, mama! I feel the same way about feeling more overwhelmed at times. We started the PEC system around the time Ellie turned 2yo. Then I ignored it. For a long time. LONG time. In ABA they create a strip of pictures to show her "the schedule" for her therapy session. After each game is completed, the remove the picture from the strip so I guess that has been going on for a year or so. The school system uses it as well and so it was restarted in mid-September. They started to teach it to her. Then I got called into a parent-teacher conference because she knew more than them on the PECs. (Ellie caught on quickly!). Just in the past 2 months I started with the above book. Actually, I started with the TV shows and then moved up to various foods.

    Ask your therapist to help you with this because it can take more than one adult to start Stella off with PECs. You need to start with Phase one. One pic of the most desirable object ever--ours was the iPad. For some, it is a food item. I sat Ellie in her high chair with the PEC in front of her. She would play with the picture. Ellie's therapist would stand behind Ellie with her hand over Ellie's. They would hand me the picture. As soon as the picture enters my hand, I giver her the iPad and say "oh, you want iPad". Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Oh and repeat. Did I mention to repeat? Slowly move further away so that she has to WALK to you to give the photo. Then you add in a few photos. Most speech therapists know how to use the PEC system and our ECI provider knew as well.

    Btw, LOVE the blog header :-)

    1. Thanks Anna! Stella LOVES the iPad! I play music on it and she loves dancing to music, especially lately so I will start with that! I will talk to her aid also in helping with the PECs. Oh and thanks, regarding the new blog header! That was from our November family photo pictures!

  3. Love the new picture up top :)

  4. LOL...So many things I did not think about before procreating! Ha! We are just now, 15 years later, getting to sleep in the odd morning...So hang in there the time will come!!

    Oh and the header picture on your blog, ADORABLE! What a cutie :)

    1. WHAT??? I have to wait until, like 5 years from now before I get to sleep in?????? Lol. crap.

      Glad you like the picture. It's one of my favs!