Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy New Year!


Wow. Already.

2012 was fairly eventful for the McG Clan.  We moved....twice. 2013 will see us moving once more.  But this move will be permanent as it will be in our "forever" house that we are currently building.

We went on a very adventurous (with three young children) road/camping trip.  We drove many, many, many miles to attend Mickey's grandfather's 87 birthday party.  It was wonderful to finally really meet all of Mickey's aunts and uncles from his dad's side.  It was also so nice to be able to have my girls see again (for Livi) and meet for the first time (for the other two McG girls) their Great Grandpa.

My fabulous sister and her hubby and two girls came to "The Hat" for a visit! All of the girls got along sooooo well! For the most part the house was filled with the noise of happy giggling laughing kids.  I got to hang with my sister again which I haven't done in over a year! We bonded and talked and laughed.  That visit was so very much needed for us and I feel so much closer to my sister now.  I look forward to seeing her again this year!!

Olivia lost some more teeth.  One of which we couldn't even find (she woke up with it missing), but have no fear, the Tooth Fairy left a note saying she found it, so Livi did still get money for her tooth.  Olivia also started 2nd Grade.

Sophie started preschool!!!! I was nervous for her as I wasn't sure how she would handle it.  My previous experience with Olivia left me unsure that Sophie would be ready for preschool.  But, as we all know, every child is so different! Sophie cried a bit the first week, but she really seemed to like it!! Whew!

Stella began developmental aide.  She loves her aide Jaime.  Jaime is amazing with her and I can tell that she truly loves and cares for Stella.  Stella began to really sign at the beginning of this year and now she know over 30 signs, however I'm pretty sure she knows even more.  And the huge amazing, awesome milestone..... Stella is WALKING!! A toddler!  She took her first steps in November, and just before Christmas her walking really took off!  Now, she walks so much that when I see her crawl, it seems odd!

So many things happen in one year that I am really only skimming the surface of our life during 2012.  Those were just the highlights.

I am looking forward to all the big, little, happy, sad, challenging things that will happen this year!

And once I get around to finishing it, I'll even post the picture compilation of 2012! As to when that will happen..hopefully before the end of this year!!

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