Thursday, 20 December 2012

This Week in Pictures

So this past week and weekend were super busy for our lil McG family. We moved, which I have no pictures of, well except for this one.

My "I greatly dislike moving" face.
Jackson Dodge had the annual kids Christmas party. Again sadly I dropped the ball on this one too. No pictures.

Non kid related; Mickey and I went to a Brett Michael's concert...and had the fantastic experience of going backstage and meeting him. For those of you who don't know who Brett Michaels is, he is the lead singer of Poison. To be honest, Mickey has loved Poison and Brett Michaels for a long time and I only kind of knew of him.  So meeting him was a way bigger experience for Mickey then for me.
Notice just how much bigger Mickey's grin is then mine. Yeah, he's pretty stoked.

On Monday we went to Sophie's preschool Christmas Concert.  They sang four songs and then we had hot chocolate afterwards.  It was so very cute!

Yesterday Stella and I spent a bit of time at the mall while the two older McG girls were in school.

Stella loves the water fountain.
Another week, and more moments to sigh, yell, frown, laugh, kiss and hug my lil McG girls.

Sophie super excited at her Christmas concert.

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