Wednesday, 26 December 2012

And Now It's All Done

December 26th. Boxing Day here in Canada.  A day to go shopping for all the deals.  A day to begin to clean up from the Christmas craziness and mess.

Speaking of Christmas craziness:

On Christmas Eve Day Sophie and Stella began sneezing.

Uh Oh.

I told myself that it was just dust.

Then their noses started running.. a lot. A lot of snot was beginning to ooze out from their little nostrils.

I told myself it was just from the dust. Yes, my house was dusty (I dislike dusting, hence all the dust).

But as the day progressed, I knew in my heart of hearts that they were both getting colds.  I was crossing my fingers and hoping they would be mild colds.

Sadly I was wrong.


So Christmas Eve night there was VERY little sleep for Mickey and I.  Stella was affected the worst.  Her little nose was soooo plugged no amount of saline, and suction seemed to help clear her little nose so she could breath.

We were up with her hourly.

Then little miss 7 year old Olivia, was up at least 3 times due to the excitement of Christmas morning.

And last, but most certainly not least Sophie was up a few times due to a stuffy nose.

Christmas morning began with two exhausted parents, two very excited older kids and one sleeping (finally) 2 year old.

Olivia and Sophie got spoiled. They were so excited and Sophie kept hugging me and telling me "I love you mommy." So cute.

Once Stella woke up, and got adjusted to all the chaos, she enjoyed ripping open a few of her presents. However, the big hit with her was this blue plastic tube that I had put in her stocking.  She pretty much chewed on that thing all day.  If Sophie or Olivia tried to play with it, she would cry in protest.

Christmas Dinner was at the in laws house.  It was delicious!! Sophie watched TV, refused to eat and wiped her nose with her tongue or her hand throughout the evening.  Poor lil girl.  Olivia brought her Word Girl Doll, snacked on chips and ate almost all of her dinner.  Stella chewed on her new blue tube, walked around more then she crawled and ate/threw a little bit of food.  Not a bad dinner considering just how sick those two girls seemed to be.

Sadly last night was no better for sleep for lil miss Stella.  Her nose is just so plugged! She just couldn't catch a break and we couldn't seem to help her.

So today, Boxing Day was spent watching LOTS of TV for the kid-lets and drinking LOTS of coffee for me.

We did partake in some of those Boxing Day deals though. Well Mickey did.  Got us a new TV.

So, here we are, Boxing Day. I am sad Christmas is over, but like most, I am looking forward to getting back to a bit of normalcy again.

Olivia got a Word Girl Doll from Santa, the one main thing she REALLY wanted!

Sophie and her Horse from Santa.

Chewing on her blue tube at Grandma's house.

Not a happy camper, even after her nap.
Hey maybe tonight Stella will get a good night's that I can get a good night's sleep....

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