Sunday, 9 December 2012

Bouncy Castle Crazy!!!

This past Thursday was Sophie's preschool Christmas party. There were games, food, bouncy castles and even Santa was there!

It was pure and utter mayhem!! There were kids and parents everywhere!

I helped Stella crawl into the little kid bouncy castle and...she loved it with a capital L!! I pretty much spent the entire time there with her. She would crawl into the bouncy castle, throw herself around, bounce on her bum, and laugh. Then she'd crawl out of the bouncy castle and immediately want back in. Whew! Man, I was sweating! She was becoming obsessed. Seriously, every time I attempted to take her somewhere else she would cry, and try and wriggle free, and if I put her down she would beeline for the bouncy castle.

As the evening progressed things started to go downhill. Overstimulation + a tired two year old = a scratchy two year old. Yes, the talons came out. Every poor unsuspecting child that entered the bouncy castle was greeted with a grab or a scratch. That was our cue. So we gathered up our three little McG's and headed home.

A crazy, exhausting evening! But we do it for the McG girls as I know they love it...even if we don't always enjoy every moment.

But then I look at the pictures I took and I smile and all the sweat and exhaustion seems to be worth it.

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