Saturday, 30 March 2013

Just In Time for Easter!

Now I can breathe a sigh of relief.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. (that's me exhaling in relief)

Stella is back to her old self again which makes me very happy! I missed her smile, her laugh and her curiosity.  Now they are full force!

Tuesday was a turning point for her.  I was giving Sophie lunch and she saw Sophie eating cheese...and she started signing "cheese".  Stella wanted to eat some cheese!

She's EATING!! Yay!

And drinking!! YAY!

Slowly but surely she started eating a little more each day and now she is back to her "picky" self.

But now Sophie seems to have an ear infection....or something.

Poor Sophie Bear

 My poor lil Bear. On Thursday she was complaining that her ear hurt and then on Friday morning she had a temperature.  Today is Saturday and she still has a temperature......sigh!  I hope she will be up for an Easter Egg hunt tomorrow.

I will have 3 healthy children soon! I WILL!.......right??

Now let me fill you in on something other then the fact that my McG Girls are still sick.

Today my mother-in-law and father-in-law came over and they did an Easter craft with the big girls.  It was an egg decorating craft using shaving cream!

The craft went a lil something like this:

1. Spray a whole bunch of the good ol cheap spray foam shaving cream on a baking sheet.  Spread out the shaving cream with a spoon.

Cheap foam shaving cream

2. Squeeze lots of little dots of food colouring onto the shaving cream.

Food colouring being added to the shaving cream

3. Take a straw or handle of spoon and move it through the shaving cream so some of the food colouring blend together a bit.
Blended food colouring

4. Roll an egg in the shaving cream and food colouring.  Note: in future, if we do this craft again, I MUST remember to buy some latex gloves! My, oh my what a mess it is.

Rolling the eggs into the shaving cream

Oh my, what a mess!

5. Let the eggs, which are now covered in shaving cream and food colouring, sit for about 5 minutes.

Eggs sitting for 5 minutes

6. Rinse the shaving cream off of the eggs and "Voila",  you are left with wonderful colourful eggs!

Beautiful eggs!

It was very messy, and I had a few brief moments of "I-hate-all-of-this-mess" attitude, but I got over it and enjoyed seeing my kids having fun with their grandparents.  Even though Sophie was clearly not feeling 100%, she still did have a fun time getting messy.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday.  A day that is NOT just about the Easter Bunny, as I like to remind Olivia.      It is about the ressurection of Jesus.

"Woah", where did THAT come from?"  I am sure you are wondering.

I grew up going to church.  I learnt about God, Jesus and all things Christian based.  We, as a family, do not go to church. But I still want my children to know about God, and to at least have a basic knowledge about Him.

And when I say basic, I mean basic! I have not been to church since I was 17.  I honestly don't remember a whole lot about the bible.  Mickey loves to joke that he knows more about  Christian beliefs then I do....and he's probably right.

That being said, I want my girls to at least know about God.  To have some sort of belief.

I know believing in God has helped me a great deal in handling whatever challenges I have faced and we, as a family have faced.

So that being said, I want my girls to enjoy the fun family events that take place on Easter.  I want them to be excited and happy when they see what The Easter Bunny has left them, but I also want them to know that this holiday is about Jesus.

That He gave his life so that we may live.

And THAT is about as far as I'm gonna delve into religion on my blog.

I found this link about Easter Sunday in Canada for anyone interested: Easter in Canada

So tomorrow the McG girls, Mickey and I will be spending Easter with family, going on an Easter Egg Hunt and enjoying being together.

I hope that your family has a lovely Easter!

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  1. Cool link! lol...And for a split second I did say "woah, where did that come from" haha...Ya, I grew up Mormon. Have not been since I was about 20 or so. But I want my kids to know something about God, especially on these types of Holidays. So I hear ya there!

    Hope the girls all feel better. We are going into April so winter out in Alberta must be wrapping up soon...Oh wait, you guys sometimes get snow in May don't you! Poor bastards. lol