Thursday, 21 March 2013

This Girl is On Fire

Today Stella, Sophie and I went to Olivia's class to talk about Down Syndrome. Stella is still so very sick and was not in the best of moods but she pulled through and managed to entertain all of the kids.  In my cold induced head fog I totally forgot to bring my phone so that I could take pictures to add to this blog post.....damn you head cold!

The kids in Livi's class really did not have many questions.  They were all extremely distracted by Stella and just kept wanting to play with her.  The only question that a few of the boys asked me was "How do you get Down Syndrome?"

I proceeded to inform them that people who have Down Syndrome are born with it and that you can't "catch it".  This seemed to satisfy them and they then proceeded to play/watch Stella.

It was a fun morning filled with laughter and lots of kids talking all at once.  The one thing that I made of point of telling Livi's class was that Stella is just a little girl who deserves respect, kindness and acceptance just like each and every one of them do.

I am not sure if they heard me as again, Stella did something that they thought was extremely funny and they were all laughing.

To end this blog post, I am going to share another video I made of Stella for WDSD.

Enjoy and I hope that I am doing my part to show the younger generations that being different is ok and that kindness and acceptance are important to show to everyone.

Ps.  The poem on the video I got from an awesome Facebook page called "Awesome Outloud"

Check it out: Awesome Out Loud

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