Wednesday, 20 March 2013

When Mama Bear is Sick

I am sick.
Not just, stuffy nose, sneezing sick, but body aches, temperature PLUS sneezing, stuffy nose, cough up a lung sick.

The thing that sucks most about being sick is that this here mama bear does NOT get to lay around all day and nap and rest.
That is the one thing that sucks about being a grown up and having children.  I don't get to sit on the couch all day and watch TV and eat toast cut into cute little strips while my mommy cuddles me and waits on me hand and foot.  Ahhh, how I miss those days.

Sadly, now that I am the adult I must suck it up.

Thankfully today I don't feel quite so bad.  Which is good because tommorow is World Down Syndrome Day.  I was planning on taking Stella to Olivia's class to talk to the kids about Down Syndrome.  I sent in a book for the teacher to read to the kids today (My Best Friend Has Down Syndrome, is the name of the book).

Then tomorrow I was just going to go there for 20 minutes or so and answer any questions any of the kids might have about Stella or Down Syndrome.

It should be interesting.  Kids usually always have something cute and insightful to say.

Olivia is quite proud of Stella.  So I am sure tomorrow she will have great fun showing Stella off to all of her friends.

And that my friends, is all. This here mama has no other words of wisdom to bestow upon you. But I WILL leave you with my "what you lookin at" face.

It really is neither here nor there and has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but perhaps it will get a giggle out of you.


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