Sunday, 10 March 2013

Stella and the Nebulizer...take 2.....

So instead of whining about the fact that Stella is sick again I'll share a few of the shenanigans that Stella had been up to these past few weeks.

We have been slowly attempting to ween lil missy off of her pacifier. Last week she asked for it..... a lot. And by asking I mean she would sign "blanket" while sucking on her tongue.  I wish I could capture it on video cause I honestly have been unable to mimic her doing this and it is just oh so cute! Needless to say she has been a crabby pants because we have not been giving in and giving her her suckie. A couple if times I would forget to put her blanket and pacifier away and out of her sight and so then out of her room she would toddle looking quite smug and proud of herself as she sucked on her suckie and blanket.

Quite proud of herself.

mmmmmmmm, blankie!!

What a little rascal.

This week she has definitely been less grumpy and even today when she has had a temperature and a wheezy chest, no once has she asked for either her suckie or blanket.

My poor lil pup. Sick again.

On a more interesting note, Stella has become even more busy now that she knows how to open all door AND...wait for it....

Climbing the stove!!!!!
Oh and here is a cropped photo of her in our pantry. Now that she knows how to open doors she is in there all...the....time!!!  She had just gotten out of the bath so I cropped the photo as I am not down with  having her cute lil tush floating around in cyber space for all too see.

So for the next 10 days or so it will be three daily doses of the ol' nebulizer.  Thank goodness for iPads.

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  1. Aw, poor little thing, hope she feels better soon! Russell has been really sick this week as well, his cheeks looks exactly like miss Stella's :(

    Climbing the stove!!!! LOL...Oh no! Have fun with that! haha

    1. Thanks Jenny! She is feeling better. She still has a stuffy nose, but her chest seems good. The nebulizer is helping. Oh and that stove!! I have to watch that little monkey like a hawk now especially when I am cooking! ARG!! I hope Russell feels better soon too!!

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