Monday, 25 March 2013

Making it Through The Fog of Illness

Last week my life was consumed by illness; my illness, or to be more exact a virus. This virus kicked my ass.  And even as we speak I am only just making it out of the fog of that nasty virus. I had it all: fever and body aches followed by a nasty head cold which then migrated and nestled itself happily in my chest.

Here we are 9 days later and I still have a cough and still am blowing my nose a lot, but for the most part I am better.  I can walk five feet without feeling like a Mac truck side smacked me.

Now that I am feeling better I can play with Sophie again instead of ignoring her while she watches hours upon hours of Treehouse TV.  Now that I am feeling better I can help Olivia with her homework and make dinner without feeling like I am fighting to keep my eyes open.

This whole McG household has been sick for the past few months.

 Well, except for Mickey.  That man has the immune system of Superman or something.

Olivia, Sophie, and even Stella have all been battling some sort of cold related illness.  Sophie and Stella are prone to having any type of cold move into their chests. Sophie seems to be faring well. Stella seemed to be faring well also.  But last Thursday, something changed.  Her cough seemed to be getting better, her nose was less stuffy yet she seemed to be getting worse.  Her usual happy go lucky self was being swapped with a sad, unhappy little girl.  She woke up from her nap on Thursday and wouldn't sit up, she would just lay there.  All afternoon she was fussy and just sat on the floor looking so sad.

I got worried, so I took her to see her doctor on the Friday.  He changed her meds, got her an xray to rule out pneumonia and then proceeded to tell me she could just have a virus.

Saturday, Stella was still sad, so sad and grumpy and wouldn't let me put her down.  She napped for 4 hours and when she woke up was still so grumpy. She wouldn't eat, and trying to get her to drink was very hard.  Then that night she started throwing up.  She threw up on and off all night, yet she had no temperature.

Sunday Stella slept in until almost noon. She seemed to perk up a bit! Yay!  She drank a bit of juice/water mix and even some Almond Milk. I started to breath a little easier as it seemed that perhaps she was feeling better.  But then, she went back to grumpy, sad and tired.  She slept some more, about another 3 hours and woke up a tad better, but then back to grumpy grumps.

I tried all evening to get her to drink and she just would not drink anything.

Monday, today is Monday. As I type this it is about 8:50am and Stella is still sleeping (ish).  She is dozing on and off in her crib.  I am oh so very worried.  I have never experienced a virus like this with her. She has no temperature, yet seems very tired. She won't eat but won't drink either.  I am perplexed and worried.  So many thoughts are running through my head.

Could it be mono? What are the symptoms? Should I google it? Yes, I'll just have a quick I don't thing she has mono.
Could it be meningitis?  What are the symptoms? Should I google it? Yes, I'll just have a quick I don't think she has meningitis.

I ended up going back to her doctor today. I waited for an obscene amount of time, but just having the doctor take a look at her always eases my mind a bit.  And like he told me on Friday when I was at his office, it is a virus.  Which means nothing can be given to help her. Her body must fight off whatever nasty virus has invaded her body!

in a fog of salbutimol and pulmicort

Sitting on the couch watching Signing Time.....this never happens! Stella is ALWAYS standing right in front of the TV.

Oh Stella Bella, please get better soon! This mama bear is just soo worried!


  1. Anna, a friend of mine has a nasty flu in her family too, and a friend of HERS mentioned that it could be a nasty strain of norovirus called the Sydney Virus. Maybe that's what poor Miss Stella has. I hope everyone starts to feel better soon!

    1. Thanks Kendra, Stella seemed a teeny weeny bit better this afternoon. Here's hoping tomorrow is a teeny weeny bit better too!

  2. Aw, poor little thing. Sure hope she feels better soon! Hope you ALL feel better soon! This cursed winter and it's viruses just won't end!!